Please welcome Lucian Wischik!

Hi all, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the new specification lead for Visual Basic, Lucian Wischik. Lucian has been getting to know the user community over the past few months, and now you’ll have even more contact with him as he’ll be taking over my responsibilities in terms of owning the language spec! He’s already been an enormous help in ironing out some of the trickier aspects of the Dev10 spec, and I feel very confident that the specification will be in good hands. Here’s a short bio:

Lucian Wischik is the Visual Basic specification lead. Since joining the VB compiler team a year ago he has worked on new features for Visual Studio 2010 relating to type inference, lambdas and generic covariance. In his four years at Microsoft he has also worked on the Robotics SDK and concurrency, and has published several academic papers on the subject. Before coming to Microsoft he took a PhD in concurrency theory at the University of Cambridge and worked as a researcher at Bologna University in Italy. Despite this theoretical slant, he’s most at home when writing practical code. He’s a keen sailor and long-distance swimmer. His blog can be found at

Please welcome Lucian!

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