Monthly Archives: December 2013

JsRT Sample Bug Fixed

This happened a while ago but just getting to it now because of my blog hiccup. A sharp-eyed reader pointed out a problem with my C# and VB Chakra hosting samples (on MSDN and on GitHub). When passing a host callback from managed code, I forgot to hold on to a managed reference to the delegate I was passing out to Chakra. So if the CLR ran a GC, it would dispose the delegate and then a callback on that delegate would jump into hyperspace. The samples are now correct. Ah, the joys of coordinating GCs.

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Sorry for the blog hiccup…

If anyone has been trying to leave comments or send me a message or anything, I’m afraid my blog has been on the fritz for… a while. Not sure exactly how long. Apparently my hosting tier with Azure give me a 20Mb limit on my MySQL database for this blog and when you hit it, it just starts failing your INSERT and UPDATE queries. So it wasn’t actually clear anything was wrong for quite a while and then it wasn’t clear WHAT was wrong. Thank goodness for the wisdom of the Internet, that’s all I have to say. Anyway, should be back up and running now, thanks.

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