Monthly Archives: May 2009

“Oslo” has a May 2009 CTP…

In case you missed it, we pushed out a new CTP this week of “Oslo”. You can get it at the Oslo Developer Center. New stuff includes:

  • The “Quadrant” modeling tool. Use Quadrant to browse and edit models in a repository database.
  • Domain models for the UML 2.1 specification encompassing Use Case, Activity, Class, Sequence, Component diagrams, profiles and templates.
  • An XMI importer supporting the 2.1 specifications, and covering the diagrams identified above.
  • A domain model and loader for System.Runtime.

There isn’t a huge amount of change for the language portion of M in this CTP. Most of the major differences are under the hood and will only be apparent if you’re calling the underlying APIs directly. The only big thing I can think of is that the “identifier” keyword is no longer needed in a grammar-we’ll automatically detect the situation for you.

The feature I spent most of our last milestone working on appears to be finally coming together, so I hope to have more to say about that soon.

Catching up on free media

Things have been a bit quiet around Panopticon Central lately due to the fact that I’ve been heads down on developing a particularly gnarly feature in M. More on that if and when it starts to see the light of day. But in the mean time, there have been a few interviews/talks that have been posted that I wanted to point out:

Hope you enjoy them!