VB LINQ preview now updated for VB 2005 RTM

Now that VB 2005 has released to manufacturing (RTMed in TLA-speak), we’ve updated our installer for the VB LINQ preview. You can find it here. I think the pages at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/future won’t be updated to point to it until next week because of other changes they’re making to that sub-site after RTM, but for now you can click directly on the link above. Feel free to get the word out! The actual bits are the same as the PDC release — no new functionality — but rest assured we’re also working on an updated release with more features in the near future!

Updated 11/2/05: Fixed hyperlink (had a trailing “.”).

7 thoughts on “VB LINQ preview now updated for VB 2005 RTM

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  3. Fan Shi

    I know you will show us a refresh version of Linq VB with better query comprehension and xml supports. That’s great. But don’t foget to provide us a glance of new features like anonymous types, extension methods, lambda/nested functions/dynamic interfaces soon. I’m realy eager for all of these new features.

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