Anyone know of a good TARDIS icon?

I was reading secretGeek’s “Five Ways to Play Nice with ‘Live.Com’” and tip #3 (“Specify an icon for your feed”) reminded me of the fact that, while I would love to have an icon for my feed, I have yet to actually find one. What I’d love to have is a web-suitable icon of a small TARDIS (or, an old English Police Box, if you prefer), but I have been totally unable to locate one. Anyone have any idea of where I might score one that would be free to use on my website? If not, I guess, I’ll stick with the same default everyone else has…

10 thoughts on “Anyone know of a good TARDIS icon?

  1. sg

    no tardis icon yet?

    Man, i see you put your picture on the left. Was that inspired by Jakob Nielsen’s ten items on weblog usability?

    In extreme cases I’m sure it would be understandable to include a picture of someone better looking.



    Juss kidding! 😉


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