Oh, and, yeah, we shipped…!

Since it’s been a long while since I’ve been really closely involved with VB2005, this seems like a strangely anti-climatic announcement, but: we’ve shipped!

Visual Studio 2005 (Standard, Pro, and Express versions) and SQL Server 20005 are now available for download on MSDN if you’re a subscriber, otherwise you’ll have to wait until after the November 7th launch event.

For a good overview of the new features in Visual Basic 2005 check out Ken Getz’s article.  You can also find a collection of VB 2005 articles at our developer center.

Updated 10/27/05: Corrected MSDN link. Thanks Serge!

5 thoughts on “Oh, and, yeah, we shipped…!

  1. Kevin

    I think the best part about the release of VB2005 is that you guys haven’t given up. To be honest we all know that VB has been competing with C# since .Net was released and I personally (ex vb developer) moved to C# because I thought VB would fall by the wayside. For the past 3 months I’ve been developing in VB again, not only is VB a great language but it’s kinda brought back the FUN in development for me again, this is why I started developing in the first place. I don’t want to take anything away from C# though, the C# team have also done a great job with the new release, but for me personally I think I’ll stick with VB from now on. WELL DONE GUYS!!!

  2. karl

    I haven’t played with VB.Net 2005, but are all of the bugs also causing problems? Most seem CLR related, but with a hint of IDE link, and I know C# and VB.Net don’t share all the IDE code.

    The list of reported issues has put a halt, possibly permenantly, on my push to upgrade the entire team to 2005.

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