Mort, the Dead Teenager?

So out of idle curiosity (suuuure), I clicked on MSN’s link to an article on Maxim’s “Hot 100” issue. Apparently Jessica Simpson is number one (beauty before brains) and there was some kind of link on her name, so I clicked on that, again out of idle curiosity (suuuure). Up comes MSN’s “Celebrity Information” page on Jessica Simpson, and there at the top of her filmography is listed the title “Mort, the Dead Teenager.”

Now normally this would just be funny since we use the name Mort as the name of our VB user persona, but there’s an added twist: I’ve heard of this before. At work, we’ve got this wall that’s got all kinds of ironic Mort-related stuff pasted on it (such as a picture of Morticia Addams or the webpage of Dr. Mort Berkowitz, hypnotist to the stars). Many months ago, I was visiting my usual comics establishment to pick up the latest copies of whatever Alan Moore series I was reading at the time when I noticed something funny in the “cheapo” rack: a copy of some weird comic named, you guessed it, “Mort, the Dead Teenager.” I immediately purchased it for our “Wall o’ Mort” and put it up there after a quick perusal to verify that it was, indeed, as stupid as it looks. The comic lasted maybe a month before someone stole it. I think the thief got what they deserved.

Anyway, I’m stunned that someone managed to supposedly convince Quentin Tarantino to produce a movie based on this totally forgotten, totally forgettable comic book. It kinda sounds like it’ll probably never see the light of day, but still…

Weird. Maybe I should have held on to the comic…

One thought on “Mort, the Dead Teenager?

  1. DrMort

    Surprised to find that someone created a Wall o’ Mort and you have my website on it. I’m Mort Berkowitz, "hypnotist to the stars". If you want my poster, let me know:


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