“Hello,” he lied.

I’m afraid I unintentionally lied to you all: I won’t be going on the VB 2004 World Tour after all. I had my ticket and everything, but I’m afraid something very urgent has come up at work and I’m not going to be able to go to Louisville and Chicago, which I am very bummed about. You’ll definitely still be getting Jay Schmelzer, though, who’s a terrific speaker so you won’t be going home empty handed. Jay’s also trying to line up someone to take my place, and I’m sure they’ll be great, too.

I apologize to all those people who are already lined up to get in to see me. Maybe you can head over to the movie theater and start getting in line for Episode III. I’m still hoping to get out on the Tour at some point, though, and those international destinations look pretty good to me!

One thought on ““Hello,” he lied.

  1. Wade Leverett

    any one who would build a performance hog like vs 2008 and claim that the only way for VB to work is have background compilation is not a realy programmer. a real programmer would offer options to people like turn it off when it hogs up to much resources. real programmers would be concerned about performance and productivity. It is clear from my use of vs 2008 since release that performance was not the highest concern. Job not well done, you should be ashamed.


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