VB’s 2004 (pseudo-) World Tour

As Robert and others have blogged about today, VB is doing a “World Tour” of user groups over the next several months. I added the quotes because at the moment all the dates are in the US, but it appears that international dates are also in the works. (I, for one, would love a chance to go back and visit Spain. Or Italy. Or England. Or, heck, anywhere!)

I’m going to be going to the Louisville, KY and Chicago, IL dates next week (4/20 and 4/21, respectively), so I hope to see some readers there! (See sidebar for a link to a full list of places/dates and registration links.)

6 thoughts on “VB’s 2004 (pseudo-) World Tour

  1. Aussie Joe

    Mr. Vick

    Please cash in some of your frequent flyer mileage and bring VB to Australia. We have the best weather in the world, the friendliest people and almost all of the world’s best programmers.

    Chicago, on the other hand, is a dump.



  2. Tom

    A visit to Belgium would be nice too. Not always the best weather, but to compensate we have some of the best beers in the world… 🙂

  3. Stuart Laughlin

    I feel compelled to rebut Aussie Joe.

    Chicago is *not* a dump. It’s more like a… picturesque landfill. With tall buildings.

    Anyway, I registered for the Chicago event but am unable to make it, which is disappointing, but less so due to Paul’s absence.

    Perhaps there will be a next time.

  4. mjc

    AJ, I live in Michigan, and take AmTrak to Chicago, stay in nice hotels in the loop and walk and take taxis everywhere, and Chicago is a very fun town indeed.


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