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I’m rich, I’m rich!

Well, not really. However, I did get my first royalty check for The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language this week, which was exciting. Since this was my first book, I had no idea at all: a) how many books I might sell and b) how much that might mean in royalties. I was just hoping that it might bring in enough to, you know, go to McDonalds for a dinner or two.

I still have no idea if the book is selling “well,” since I have no idea what to compare the numbers to, but the royalties were quite a bit more than I had imagined. (Which may be more of a testament to my pessimistic expectations than to the size of the check.) I mean, it’s not like it’s a huge amount of money and I’m certainly not quitting my day job yet to write full time – I’ll leave that to the Petzolds of the world – but it ain’t nothin’. I still haven’t done the calculation yet, though, to figure out what the current “per hour” rate would have been for writing the book. That might still be a bit depressing…

Now just go out there and buy, buy, buy the book! Buy a second, third, fourth copy! Perish the thought that sales should fall off and I’d have to go back to buying lottery tickets to fuel my dreams of vast wealth…

Sample chapter is available

For those of you who’ve been considering buying my book but just want to make sure that it’s worth whatever they’re charging for it these days, Addison-Wesley (my publishers) has provided a sample chapter online in PDF format. The chapter is about inheritance, so it should give you a good idea of what the rest of the book is going to be like.

As always, you can buy the book here.

My God, they’re right!

Someone – I forget who – told me that “once you get a copy of your book, it never fails that the first page that you open it to is going to have a glaring error on it, so be prepared.” I thought, “yeah, right.”

So I just opened the book for maybe the second or third time to look something up, and sure enough – right there on the page was a massive, glaring, obvious, how-could-I-and-all-the-other-reviewers-miss-it error.

Ug. I need an aspirin.

The cat’s out of the bag…

Oh, and yeah, my book is finally available! I’ve actually got a real, printed copy of it sitting here on my desk and Amazon claims that they’re shipping it within 24 hours! (It may not be on the shelves of your local Barnes and Noble for a little while longer, though.)

Overall, I have to admit that I find this kind of frightening, somewhat akin to what it must be like taking your child off to their first day at school. Here’s something that’s been a part of you for quite some time, and now it’s out there at the mercy of the big, bad world. Will it make friends? Will it get beaten up and come home crying? I guess now only time is going to tell….

So, everyone, go out and buy a copy and tell me (and everyone else on Amazon) how wonderful it is! Here’s a handy link to help you get started:

Hope you all like it….

P.S. – There’s already someone selling a used copy of the book on Amazon. I’ve had my own copy something like 48 hours… how does that happen?

One step closer…

Well, another step towards getting in print – it appears that Amazon now has my book in their database!

There it is, in all it’s glory. Amazon seems to be a little confused, though. For some reason they don’t seem to know that it won’t be published until March. And you can’t find my book by searching on my author name.

Also, when the book is actually published, there’ll be a cool quote on the front cover but you’ll just have to wait to see that one…

Publishing lag

One comment I’ve gotten several times over from family members this Thanksgiving is “I was at the bookstore and I looked for your book, but it wasn’t there.” Apparently, in all my grousing about getting the manuscript in, I gave the impression that as soon as I turned in my manuscript, the book would go out to the shelves. I’ve still got all the grunt work of reviewing copy edits and page proofs to go before I get something real in my hand.

The book’s going to be part of the Microsoft .NET Development Series published by Addison Wesley that John Montgomery’s been talking about. The series includes books by Don Box and Chris Sells, which is a bit scary company to be keeping. On the other hand, I made a small contribution to one of the books in the series already, and they haven’t laughed me out of the club yet…