Hello Visual Basic developers’ center!

This is, unfortunately, only a test post to ensure that only posts tagged as “Visual Basic” are posted to the MSDN Visual Basic developer center. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..

4 thoughts on “Hello Visual Basic developers’ center!

  1. David517

    Is there any way to reverse assemble a Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition program that was made EXE? It’s my own program, and it has a simple-to-correct algebraic error in it. I should be able to do that from the VBP files, but I lost them in a computer crash and don’t have a recent backup. If I could get back to the original code of Form1, it would make revising and correcting the program a lot easier. I have been looking at what I can see with a viewer that decodes Hex, and most of the string quotations are visible, so decoding the rest should be possible. Can anyone suggest a good dissambler or viewer for the program? It is 92K in size.

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    Attach a textbox1.text = textbox1.text.tostring("c") to the onchange event of the textbox…


    "Working" Decompilers do not exist for VB6 but some can rip the exe apart and re-build the structure of the app… like what form fields you had and their properties – and what forms you had and their properties… this sadly is the closest you are going to get for now to decompiling it 🙂


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