Billy Hollis, amateur PL historian…

This has been bouncing around a bit on blogs, but I thought it was funny… Billy Hollis, a longtime VBer, has posted some of his historical ruminations on VB and C-style languages:

If you like VB, look at the history of the C family [of languages] first. If you like C#, Java or C++, look at the history of the BASIC family first.

But who’s got the Star Trek game? I loved that game…

One thought on “Billy Hollis, amateur PL historian…

  1. Tim Hall

    Visual Basic developers invent a new way of developing applications that completely bypasses requirements gathering, based on the principle that “if you don’t care where you’re going, you don’t need a map”.

    Its funny cause its true, well it was true when i learnt to program in VB6 when i was at high school, ive improved slighly since then.


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