Monthly Archives: November 2005

Anyone know of a good TARDIS icon?

I was reading secretGeek’s “Five Ways to Play Nice with ‘Live.Com’” and tip #3 (“Specify an icon for your feed”) reminded me of the fact that, while I would love to have an icon for my feed, I have yet to actually find one. What I’d love to have is a web-suitable icon of a small TARDIS (or, an old English Police Box, if you prefer), but I have been totally unable to locate one. Anyone have any idea of where I might score one that would be free to use on my website? If not, I guess, I’ll stick with the same default everyone else has…

VB LINQ preview now updated for VB 2005 RTM

Now that VB 2005 has released to manufacturing (RTMed in TLA-speak), we’ve updated our installer for the VB LINQ preview. You can find it here. I think the pages at won’t be updated to point to it until next week because of other changes they’re making to that sub-site after RTM, but for now you can click directly on the link above. Feel free to get the word out! The actual bits are the same as the PDC release — no new functionality — but rest assured we’re also working on an updated release with more features in the near future!

Updated 11/2/05: Fixed hyperlink (had a trailing “.”).