Channel9 interview on VB…

The VP for the division that VB is a part of, S. Somasegar, recently sat down with Ken Levy for Channel9 and had a chat about VB, the future and other stuff. Ken asks him a lot of the frequently asked questions about VB, like:

  • How much does Microsoft use VB internally?
  • How much does Bill Gates care about VB?
  • Why wasn’t there an unmanaged VB upgrade from VB6?
  • What are the plans for the future?
  • And more…

I’d encourage people to check it out…

(Funny side note: To deal with the persistent annoyance of comment spam, I instituted some extra filters in the blog database that would reject any posting that contained certain words in the title such as that drug that people use for ED. Because I included the full range of pharmaceutical drugs that seem to be all the rage in spam these days, my original post, which was entitled “Soma on VB and other things,” was initially rejected because “the title contains a banned word.” Oh, yeah, that’s right. There’s some drug called “soma.” Oh, well…)

3 thoughts on “Channel9 interview on VB…

  1. Ron McMahon

    Your entry stating "There’s some drug called ‘soma.’ Oh well…" suggests that you’ve not read Aldus Huxley’s "Brave New World" If you had, you’d understand the reference to ‘Soma’. Less than 2% of the books I’ve read in the past decade have been fiction, but "Brave New World" stands out as a MUST READ for any thinking person.

    That said….I still wouldn’t trust any posting for such products. 🙂

    1. paulvick

      Ron: Yup, although I haven’t read Brave New World (I think I started it once but maybe lost the book), I’m certainly aware of the fictional "soma." That wouldn’t explain why I’m getting blog span on it, so I just assumed there was some real drug that uses it somewhere in their name…


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