See me on Channel9…

Two new videos, timed to coincide with the PDC are now up:

Paul Vick and Erik Meijer – Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic – This is me and Erik talking about dynamic stuff in VB. We were planning on talking about some of the new XML stuff as well, but didn’t even get to it! Another video, I’m sure…

Paul Vick and Amanda Silver – VB Language Futures – This is me and Amanda talking about a lot of the future stuff we talked about at the PDC. Check it out!

Hopefully more to come. If you have specific topics you’d like to see, let us know! Based on some of the comments, we may still have some kinks to iron out in the presentation department, but videos are easy enough to do and we’d love to talk about what you’re interested in hearing about!

2 thoughts on “See me on Channel9…

  1. Tom Bowen

    Maybe you can consider a (not to distant) future blog entry talking about the new XML stuff you guys are working on. The little "Oh, and by the way, watch this…" copy-n-paste XML into VB tease at the end of your PDC talk was pretty interesting, and left some of us thinking, "Whoa, I wonder if…."


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