Be careful what you joke about with Brad…

So with tongue firmly in cheek, I complain about how some people get their names in their session titles and some don’t and then Brad has to go call my (fake) bluff and put my name in my abstract. So now I get to see just how little name recognition I really have out there compared to Anders and Raymond…

Well, I’ll show him! I now command each and every loyal reader of the blog and all their friends to sign up for the PDC and register for my session! Bwahahaha! That’ll really show him!

Or just confirm my place in the world… 😉


11 thoughts on “Be careful what you joke about with Brad…

  1. Len Weaver

    Would it be sufficient to say that if I had plans to attend the PDC yours would definitely be one of the sessions I would sign up for?

  2. Chris

    Anders..heard of him.

    Raymond.."everyone" loves him 😉

    Vick…isn’t that something you stick up your nose when you have a cold?

    <grin, duck & run>

  3. Corrado Cavalli

    Don’t worry Paul, the room will be full of people shouting your name and wearing "Paul 4 President" shirts 🙂

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