What?!?! Don’t you know who I am?!?!

Now that I know that Brad added Anders and Raymond’s names to their talk titles to pique people’s interest in their talks, I am shocked, shocked, that he didn’t do the same to my session. Doesn’t he know who I am?!? Doesn’t he know that the mere mention of my name would cause thousands of people to flock to the PDC to hear whatever I might have to say about VB? I mean, c’mon — I’m sure that Don Box would also have rearranged his schedule to make sure that he can attend my talk, if only he had known it was me giving it. But now, who knows? And how will Don be able to live with himself if he misses it?

Wait, what’s that you say? I’m not a Distinguished Engineer? I don’t have the single most popular Microsoft blog on the face of the planet? Joel Spolsky hasn’t even coined some cute phrase that includes my name?


Oh, well, I guess people will just have to come to hear about the technology after all…

(I should add that I give lots of kudos to Brad for his work on organizing the PDC. It’s a tough job, and I’m glad he’s the one doing it!)


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