Year-end reassessment

Sam Gentile has a post in which he ruminates on “my blog […] and the place it plays in my life.” I don’t know what motivated Sam to do his thinking, but I am finding myself starting to do some end-of-year thinking about blogging and other subjects. The serious thinking is going to be postponed until after I get back from Africa, but I have been doing this blogging thing long enough to have some idea of what its about and to start to form some opinions as to what I’d like to do with it.

My book will also be close to being published when I get back, which will give me an opportunity to think about how I feel about the whole authoring thing and where I want to go with that. And taking a whole month off from work also provides an excellent chance to “hit the big red switch” and do some thinking about where I and VB might be going. (No worries, I’m not thinking of making a career change or anything radical like that. It’s just a good time to do some reassessing and thinking about the future. Mmmmmm…. Orcas… Longhorn…)

Guess we’ll just have to see…

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