Could it be… Satan?

I guess since I live in a country that’s been called the “Great Satan,” then it’s not that much of a stretch to find out that I work on a product that’s called, in so many words, the “Great Satan” of computing…

(I realize this is a little late, but I couldn’t let it pass without comment.)

5 thoughts on “Could it be… Satan?

  1. Carl Franklin

    It’s interesting that he says VB is the cause of all his problems (albeit a bit tongue-in-cheek) when really he’s bummed because of the limitations of the Blackberry. How can you get mad at VB for being a great solution?

    It’s interesting that the ONLY thing he finds upsetting about his position is that trading in his blackberry for a pocket pc makes him bound closer to Microsoft. It’s funny, I’ve heard that same argument from lots of companies that are reluctant to embrace .NET. It’s not that .NET isn’t great, it’s because it IS great that they complain.


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  3. Tommy Bowen

    The same thing struck me, Carl. Especially the line:

    > While (VB) allows me to get the job done, I don’t like the condition
    > of being so bound to Microsoft

    A common complaint, but generally unique to Microsoft. I’ve never heard:

    While Viagra allows me to get the job done, I don’t like the condition
    of being so bound to Pfizer.

    As an IT manager, if I made decisions based on "what I like" verses "what gets the job done", I wouldn’t last very long. Or at least, I shouldn’t.
    Somehow Microsoft can generate fierce loyalty amoung some, unconditional loathing in others, and almost any level in between in the rest. Rather odd.

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  5. Sjoerd Verweij

    Am I the only one who did the math here?


    With StarOffice, we’re targeting enterprises that buy 100,000 copies of MS Office, but maybe have 100 people that used all that fancy stuff and the macros. Let the 100 people pay the premium for Microsoft Office and let the other 90,000 pay for something that’s fully interoperable at one-sixth the cost.


    Ehm… what about the other 9,900 people? Will they get a free Sun pen?


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