We won’t be left out of the Longhorn party…

Unfortunately, I missed the Monday keynote between nursing my cold and trying to get my wife on a flight back to Seattle. Apparently during the keynote, though, Chris and/or Don made a comment about the C# command-line compiler shipping as a part of Longhorn. (See places such as Peter’s keynote notes.) Which, of course, has prompted a number of queries, “Does that mean VB won’t be shipping with Longhorn?”

Nope, it doesn’t. We’ll be right there alongside C# in Longhorn. The VB command-line compiler is part of the same set of components as the C# command-line compiler is, so anywhere we go, they go. And vice versa.

7 thoughts on “We won’t be left out of the Longhorn party…

  1. Peter

    Thanks for the clarifaction (that was really necessary;). I am still confused. Why do Chris/Don etc. talk about the longhorn compiler when whidbey is not even in beta? Can I use the longhorn compiler within Whidbey and does the longhorn sdk contains a different vb compiler than whidbey uses?


    1. paulvick

      At this point in time, there is no "Longhorn compiler" for any language. The compilers that are included as a part of the Longhorn PDC build are Whidbey compilers. (I don’t know if they are the exact same version as the compilers in the Whidbey PDC build, but I suspect they are.)

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  5. Corrado Cavalli

    I had no doubts about having VB.NET compiler in Longhorn, but frankly speaking i don’t really like very much Don Box "humor" about VB language during his sessions and keynote (while being now a both C# and VB.NET user)


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