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There’s definitely some weird juju over this PDC. While I was fortunate enough to make it into Los Angeles without trouble (I came in a day early), last night I started getting the sniffles. And, yep, now it’s developed into a full-blown cold. What great timing! Anyway, I’m drinking lots of fluids and getting as much rest as possible in preparation for the week ahead.

Here’s what I’m going to be up to, assuming this cold doesn’t get any worse. I hope to see some of you! (Disclaimer: My schedule is subject to change, so caveat emptor…)


If I’m not anywhere else, I’ll likely be in the Programming Languages and Tools Track Lounge.


Eat chicken soup, rest, drink lots of fluids…


6pm – 9pm: Staff the Pavilion
10pm – 11pm: BoF46 Experiences and Concerns in Migrating to .NET and Visual Basic .NET

(I’d love to come to the Weblogging BOF at 10pm too, but VB is closer to my heart!)


11:45am – 2pm: Staff the Pavilion
2pm – 3:15pm: TLS200 Visual Basic “Whidbey”: Rapid Application Development for the Visual Basic Developer
3:45pm – 5pm: TLS300 Visual Basic “Whidbey”: Advanced Language and IDE Features
6:30pm – 9pm: Ask the Experts
9pm – 10pm: BoF24 Reader to Author to Publisher for .NET
11pm – midnight: BoF19 Alternate Programming Languages


Play it by ear…


11:30am – 1:30pm: Programming Languages and Tools lunch in Languages Track Lounge
1:45pm – 3:15pm: PNL10 The Future of .NET Languages

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