New software

OK, as I previously threatened, Panopticon Central is now running on custom software adapted from the original BlogX codebase. I ended up rewriting a lot of the data caching behavior as well as adding a number of new features and making a few cosmetic changes. I hope everything will continue to work. Please leave comments if there are problems or things I screwed up.

The major changes that readers will notice:

  • The RSS feed has moved locations. The old location returns a permanent redirection and it seemed to work with SharpReader, so I hope it does with everyone else…
  • I added a comments RSS feed. Now you can thread comments using your aggregator, if you so wish.
  • The RSS feeds now return ETag and Last-Modified headers. I’m serious hoping this is going to cut down on the bandwidth.

Most everything else was internal. The major thing still on the “to do” list for external readers is Trackback support (and all related flavors of APIs). And I’m sure I’ll continue to fiddle with the internals. It’s a lot of fun.

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