Best laid plans…

Before going to bed, I thought I’d check the logs really quickly to see if anything looked amiss, and, sure enough, I’d screwed something up moving to the new software. I’d been testing the new software at a different URL and forgot to tweak one of the settings when I moved it up to the root. As a result, the links for all the RSS items was messed up, which caused automated aggregators to start trying to fetch from the wrong location. It should be fixed now, I hope this hasn’t screwed anything up permanently.

2 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. Darren Neimke

    Paul, everything looks fine again now. I *did* notice the break at the time but you seemed to fix things up pretty quickly.

    Actually, at the time you changed things over, all of your current entries doubled-up in my aggregator which led me to think: "Cool", Paul’s written 15 blog entries 🙂


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