Beta 1 of Orcas is out (for those domiciled under igneous formations…)!

My +1 link postings are always the last ones in to the pool, but in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere, Beta 1 of Visual Studio Orcas is now available for download! This has a large majority of the Orcas features for VB in it, although there are still some features that will be coming in post-Beta1 (lambdas, nullable types, etc.) because of the way the schedule came together. (You can find more details about new features in Beta1, such as “Intellisense everywhere” on our team blog.)

I’ve been writing a LOT of Visual Basic code in the past couple of months, and this is making me excited to work towards getting off of VB 2005 and on to Orcas…

Check it out!

1 thought on “Beta 1 of Orcas is out (for those domiciled under igneous formations…)!”

  1. MAN MAN VB.NET finally convinced me to move away from C#, particularly with the dynamic aspect of it. With the in-built XML support , I am able to write XHTML controls directly in VB and the possibilities seems endless. But one question…With explicit off,how do i create a array with out specifying ‘Dim’ i.e arr ={1,2,3}…is it possible or I have to specify Dim arr() ={1,2,3}

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