Free VB (and a book)!

(For those Aussies among my readers, this is not about free beer. Sorry.)

Someone pointed out to me a new promotion we’re running – if you attend three live or on-demand webcasts at, you can get a free copy of VB Standard edition and an ASP.NET development book. What a deal! This only runs through November 30th, 2004, so hurry and learn something about ASP.NET, quick!

5 thoughts on “Free VB (and a book)!”

  1. First no free beer, now no free software!

    It’s enough to make an Aussie cry in his beer… if he had one.

  2. How is the Vb makes a perfect programer because the vb is kill the skills of programer ….. plz if any body is a good progrmer how is it possiable….?

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