Free VB (and a book)!

(For those Aussies among my readers, this is not about free beer. Sorry.)

Someone pointed out to me a new promotion we’re running – if you attend three live or on-demand webcasts at, you can get a free copy of VB Standard edition and an ASP.NET development book. What a deal! This only runs through November 30th, 2004, so hurry and learn something about ASP.NET, quick!

5 thoughts on “Free VB (and a book)!

  1. VBMan (DuffMan's distant cousin)

    First no free beer, now no free software!

    It’s enough to make an Aussie cry in his beer… if he had one.

  2. Nasir Khan

    How is the Vb makes a perfect programer because the vb is kill the skills of programer ….. plz if any body is a good progrmer how is it possiable….?


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