VB and Dynamics

From eWEEK:

Another big hit with SL 7 is the fact that it’s the first suite in the Dynamics pantheon to be rewritten in .Net.

“We cheated a little bit. It was in Visual Basic, so using Microsoft tools we moved from Visual Basic to Visual Basic .Net,” said Jon Pratt, senior director of Microsoft’s Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL and Dynamics Retail Management System. The .Net rationale is that it “extremely improves the enhancement of the developer environment,” said Pratt. It also paves the way for much easier on-demand development by providing a multitier architecture that’s native, according to Pratt. (Microsoft will release an on-demand version of its customer relationship management suite, code-named Titan, later this year. The company has declined to comment on whether it will build on-demand versions of its ERP suites.)

Cheat away!

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