New arrivals…

I’m happy to announce that the Vick family has grown by two whole people! On January 9th, my wife Andrea’s birthday, we were in Guatemala City, Guatemala and became the proud parents of two boys, Benjamín Conley Vick and Samuel Jorge Vick.

Here’s Ben with some wild hair going on:

And here’s Sam:

After many months of paperwork and bureaucratic hell on all sides, we flew down to Guatemala last Monday and they dropped off the boys on Tuesday. After finalizing their visas with the US Embassy, we returned home last Sunday in a trip that was truly a marathon. However, the kids were pretty good about it and slept most of the way (except for maybe the last couple of hours). The true highlight, though, was trying to adjust our car seats (which had been left in Seattle) to our children’s dimensions in baggage claim at SeaTac airport at 1am. The temptation to pull a Britney Spears was mighty strong, but the icy roads outside suggested that it would have been unwise.

Otherwise, we’re just recovering from the trip and trying to start settling in to a regular schedule. At eight months, the boys are pretty good sleepers, but there are always kinks to work out in the system…

25 thoughts on “New arrivals…

  1. Anthony D. Green, MCPD

    OMG, they’re adorable!

    Congratulations on getting out of red-tape frying pan and into the parental… fun!

  2. Roger Jennings

    Congratulations and best wishes to you and the new additions (chapines) to your family. They’re super-cute.

    Feed them plenty of platanos fritos and refritos negros, along with pache de papa and caldo de pata and they’ll weigh 25 kilos each in a couple of weeks.


  3. Brad

    It warmed my heart seeing how happy the two of you look in that picture. Those are a couple of lucky kids. God bless.

  4. Tamara Adams

    Hi, I found your post in searching for adopting twins, we have twins who are almost 4 and an 18 month old and 5 year old, all girls, we are done having our own children and want to add to our family hopefully twin boys, can you please give us some advice as where to start. We are in NW Montana…Thanks Tamara

  5. paulvick

    Thanks so much for everyone’s nice comments! I’ll post some more pictures as we go along!

    Tamara: We adopted from Guatemala, if you send me email using the "Contact" link above, I can give you more information!


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