Exciting times

As I wrote back in August, my wife and I are adopting twin boys from Guatemala. At the time I last wrote, the adoption papers for Ben & Sam were wending their way through the Guatemalan legal system. The Guatemalan side of things was finalized back in October (making us officially their parents) and then there was just the small matter of getting the US Embassy in Guatemala to approve our papers so we could get visas to bring them back into the country. Well… It ended up taking a little longer than expected (two months instead of two weeks), but we got the word last week that our papers had been approved, so we’re now headed down to Guatemala! Assuming no other hiccups come along (knock wood), we should be back home next week with Ben and Sam, and I’m sure our house will never be the same again…

I’ll post pictures when we get back, but this also means that I’m going to be on paternity leave for a month as well, helping to get things settled (at least, as settled as they’ll ever get) around the house. I’m sure there’ll be some times I’m up at 4am and have nothing better to do than post, but things will likely be quiet on the VB front during that time. But rest assured I’ll be back!

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