Lang .NET 2006 talk posted

If you are curious about my talk at the Lang .NET symposium that I talked about a while ago, you can now download the video of the talk here. As is usual, I can’t bear to watch the damn thing since I think my voice sounds just awful–it’s so much nicer sounding in my head. Oh well.

Overall, I think the talk was only OK. I kind of switched around what I was going to talk about late in the game and so I don’t think it was as interesting as I was hoping to be. It talks some about some of the issues we’ve run into with implementing LINQ and some thoughts about some future direction, but we had a snafu with the time (I thought I had much less time than I really did), so it kind of got truncated at the end. I’m hoping to make up for some of it on my blog this fall…

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