I haven’t gone AWOL…

…life just went and got very complicated for a while. In particular:

  • My wife Andrea has had some strange medical symptoms over the past few months that our neurologist thought indicated pretty strongly she has MS. So the past month has been spent getting MRIs and lumbar punctures to try and narrow down the diagnosis. The good news? It’s pretty unlikely she has MS or any of the related types of diseases (RA, Lupus, etc.). The bad news? Still not sure what’s going on. Still, since none of the symptoms are extremely serious, I’ll take “don’t know” for now, given the alternatives.
  • We’re pushing to get another LINQ preview out in the near future and I’ve been on the hook to write a number of new features for the preview. It’s been great to get the chance to write a lot of code again, but since that’s not my day job any more, it has contributed to a real time crunch.
  • The whole question of scripting languages, dynamic languages, dynamic environments, loose typing, etc, etc, etc. which has been bubbling around in the background for well over two years seems, all of a sudden, to be coming to quite a boil. Nothing in particular to talk about yet, but lots of interesting and exciting stuff bouncing around and perhaps some quite interesting things to talk about in the near future.

Anyway, I think I should be back now, barring any unexpected surprises. Time to get back to that question of local variables, eh?

3 thoughts on “I haven’t gone AWOL…

  1. Kevin

    I was waiting for you to get back. Sorry to hear about your wife.

    I wanted to bring this to your attention. Especially the last paragraph.


    There should be a law against writting such rubish on a website, which is actually the question I wanted to ask. Could Microsoft take legal action against companies who misconstrude facts about Microsoft products on their websites?

    1. paulvick

      Kevin: I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t really know. I think what this points up is that there’s still a lot of confusion out there around the languages that allow people to make highly questionable statements like those. We’ve done a lot in this area, but I think we’ve got even more we can do and will be doing in the next year. I think the best recourse one has in situations like this is to send a very polite email to the website explaining your objections and see if you can convince them to change it. If not, well, that’s life. If so, then great…

  2. juicemn

    sorry to hear about your wife.

    dude look into toxic mold.

    ther are toxic molds that will have the same affects on humans as you discribed ?


    you can get info there ?

    good luck

    p.s. : my whole family has been affected by toxic mold !

    lost a house < still fighting insurance company .


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