I Heart Beagle Brothers

Jeff Atwood’s little entry on cheatsheets sure brought back some memories… I loved Beagle Brothers. As a general measure of comparison, I think Beagle Brothers had more cool in one little tip/trick box than Google has ever had with their cute variations on the Google logo. Definitely one of the things I look back on with fondness…

I’ve also thought about trying to create a VB.NET language cheat sheet one of these days, but it’s on that list of “things to do when I have time.” Yeah, right…

2 thoughts on “I Heart Beagle Brothers

  1. Alfred Thompson

    I did a VB cheat sheet once back in the VB 6 days. I used it with high school students. I should see if I can find it and think about updating it. As soon as I have some free time. 🙂


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