The trial is over…

You can read more about the details of the case in the Seattle Times, but, briefly, it was a trial for attempted first-degree murder. The first maybe two-thirds of the trial was not too hard to deal with, as it was sort of an extended episode of Law and Order crossed with CSI, which was quite interesting. However, the last third was quite difficult — between discussions of the impact of the shooting, the testimony of the defendant and the actual rendering of the verdict, there was a lot to process. Thankfully, the other people on the jury were just amazing, a very thoughtful, committed group of people, and the judge and bailiff were extremely supportive. I can’t say that I really enjoyed the experience, but it definitely gave me a much deeper appreciation as to how our justice system works and it’s something I’ll definitely remember for a long time. (And let me say, I have no idea how the people who serve on those really long trials for months and months do it. I have huge respect for them.)

After I’ve had a while to process, it might be interesting to post more thoughts about the jury and trial process. I doubt I’ll have a lot to say about the actual content of the trial itself, though. I think it’s been discussed in the media enough, and the verdicts do kind of speak for themselves. We’ll see, though.

Anyway, I’m definitely appreciating the holidays more this year…

3 thoughts on “The trial is over…

  1. bill burrows [MVP]

    That was certainly an interesting case. It will be interesting to hear your perspective of the process.


  2. Roger Jennings

    Certainly was a short deliberation for a two-week trial. Glad to see the jury didn’t buy the defense team’s "mitigating fadctors" and came in with "special circumstances" in this case.



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