Things will be slower (than usual) around here…

Not that I usually am burning up the weblogging wires around here this time of a year, but as an FYI, I’m going to be a bit slow blogging for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been selected as a juror in a trial, and the expectation is that it’s going to be going for a while. I can’t say anything about the trial until it’s over, but it’s definitely been an interesting experience so far. On the one hand, it’s a super-inconvenient time both with the holidays and with our work to get an updated LINQ prototype out there in the near future, but on the other hand, it’s a civic duty that I strongly believe in, so it’s hard to grumble. Anyway, it’s going to be quiet for a while…

4 thoughts on “Things will be slower (than usual) around here…

  1. Roger Jennings

    A few years ago, I spent 12 months on a Federal grand jury for the Northern District of California (one day per week.) It was an interesting experience but did exact a toll on my work schedule.

    A Northern District judge was instrumental in my obtaining a very large civil (business-related) settlement several years earlier, so I felt I owed them some time — even if on the criminal side.

    I found most of the observations by the author of "The Not-So-Grand Jury" (available from Amazon) about serving in Manhattan to apply to the Oakland branch as well.

    Good luck,



  2. Hoakie

    Public Function IsGuilty(incriminatingEvidence as IEvidence) As Boolean

    If incriminatingEvidence IsNot Nothing Then

    return True


    return False

    End If

    End Function


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