Speaking of Microsoft Access…

…I have to say I’m very heartened by Erik Ruker’s discussion of the features in the upcoming Access 12. My outside perception is that not a lot has been happening with Access in the past few releases (something that I’m sure is not totally true, but there you are), but it looks like they’re definitely getting a lot of traction in Access 12. Lots of interesting stuff coming up! I’m looking forward to the beta…

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Microsoft Access…

  1. Alex Kazovic

    Hi Paul

    One thing that is a real disappointment for me with regards to Office 12/Access is the decision to stick with Jet and not use SSE.

    One of the major problems that I have is that there is just too much technology to keep up with. I don’t have the time/brain power to keep up with it all. So when we have 2 technologies that are very similar (Jet and SSE) and both continue I don’t have the time to keep up with both and have to make a decision as to which one to follow.

    I know that the Access time will justify their decision to keep Jet because of the need for heterogeneous joins but I would rather that they had built upon SSE.

    I I could write a lot more on the problem of having too much technology to keep up with, but I will leave that for a later date. Although I can’t emphasise the fact enough!


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