Coming soon to a VB near you… LINQ!

Today at the PDC, we’re launching “Project LINQ,” and it’s big. Really big. I mean, really, I wish I had the money to hire those guys who do the movie trailer voiceovers (and you know who I’m talking about):

In a world torn apart by incompatible conflicting and incompatible data domains, one company dared to stand up to the status quo. (Shots of scowling programmers looking at computer screens. One desperate programmer exclaims “We just can’t make it work!”) Doing what they said couldn’t be done, that company cut through the artificial barriers separating the world’s data, making querying relational data, object data and XML data as easy as a stroll in the park. (Voice over of programmer gasps, “Oh my god!”, fade out to black.) Now, a project that was millions of years in the making (well, two actually, but this is a trailer, after all) arrives to change all the rules: Project LINQ!

(This project not yet rated. No one under 17 admitted with out parent or guardian. See website for more details.)

But enough foolishness. Let’s talk real turkey…


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