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Update: I’ll also be at the Tools and Languages track lounge on Tuesday and Wednesday @ 6:30pm for the “Meet the VB team” events. Hope to see you there!

Well, folks, we’re getting close… Did my second session dry run yesterday and we’re headed in to the home stretch! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the PDC. For those of you who’d like to chat about VB, I’m definitely going to be in the Tools and Languages lounge Thursday afternoon after my talk, and I’ll also be at the Ask the Experts that night. I’m also listing the sessions I’m participating in below. Hope to see you all there! 

TLN308  Visual Basic: Future Directions in Language Innovation

Day/Time: Thursday, September 15 10:00 AM- 11:15 AM Room: 411
Session Level(s): 300
Session Type(s): Breakout
Track(s): Tools & Languages

Visual Basic 9.0 will offer radical improvements in its ability to work with data in all its forms: as objects, as XML, as relational data. Join the language architects for a detailed discussion of features such as query comprehensions, object initializers and anonymous types that enable querying data in a more flexible, natural way than ever before. Also, get a glimpse into the future of dynamic programming in VB with coverage of new features intended to radically simplify working with dynamically typed data on the .NET platform.

PNL03  Scripting and Dynamic Languages on the CLR

Day/Time: Friday, September 16 8:30 AM- 10:00 AM Room: 515 AB
Speaker(s): Jim Hugunin, Erik Meijer, Jim Miller, Bruce Payette, Dave Thomas, Paul Vick
Session Level(s): 300
Session Type(s): Panel
Track(s): Tools & Languages

With the recent rise in popularity of dynamic languages as a first class tool for software development, there are new questions around how to effectively use these tools, and how well they play in the .NET ecosystem. Join members of the CLR team, Microsoft languages teams, and external language implementers in a panel to answer questions around when and where dynamic languages should be used, the futures of these languages, and open discussion on the challenges and opportunities of implementing dynamic languages on the CLR.

PNL11  .NET Language Integrated Query End-to-End

Day/Time: Friday, September 16 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM Room: 152/153 (Hall F)
Speaker(s): Luca Bolognese, Don Box, Anders Hejlsberg, Erik Meijer, Dave Remy, Paul Vick
Session Type(s): Panel
Track(s): Tools & Languages

.NET Language Integrated Query promises to extend the .NET platform in new an exciting ways. Join Anders Hejlsberg and other key Architects and designers responsible for creating this new advance in data access on the .NET platform. The panelist will be able to comment on the history leading up to the advent of NET Language Integrated Query, its immediate usages in C#, VB and the .NET Platform generally as well as some thoughts on future directions.


3 thoughts on “PDC Schedule

  1. Mike Gale

    I won’t be there, but I really like the fact that you’re working on some of the more important power in the CLR (from my perspective).

    That’s taking what language designs existed before CLR and going forward where they are an annoyance and just don’t do the job.

    There’s a lot more after you nail the relational, query, XML integration, I’m looking forward to it all!

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  3. Tom Bowen

    The two sessions at the top of my list this week: VB Future Directions In Language Innovation and Raymonds Five Things Every Win32 Developer Should Know.

    Both Thursday at 10:00.



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