All hail, Visual Basic 9.0

Infoworld doesn’t have much more than what’s in the abstracts themselves (nice to see the punching up worked), but I did particuarly like the “hail” part. I sort of have images of Roman legionaires marching into the PDC bearing VB banners… At least we’ll be a long way from the Ides of March…


10 thoughts on “All hail, Visual Basic 9.0

  1. Fan

    In the next year Window Vista will bring clarity to my life. Hope this Visual Basic 9.0 will bring clarity to my coding life too. 🙂

    Keep on the great job on VB.

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    1. paulvick

      Pam (if I can call you that <g>), the Visual Basic 7.0 language shipped in VB 2002. The Visual Basic 7.1 language shipped in VB 2003. And the Visual Basic 8.0 language will ship in VB 2005. So there you go…


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