Firefly: New lease on life?

Almost exactly a year ago, I mourned the loss of Firefly, a great sci-fi show that died way before it’s time. When I saw news that the Sci-Fi Network was going to pick up Firefly, I momentarily hoped that they were going to produce all-new episodes, but they’re just going to rerun the existing episodes (plus the three episodes that never aired but were on the DVDs). Although I doubt Firefly will ever return as a regular series, I’d encourage everyone to check out the show and the upcoming movie – it’s much better than the current sci-fi favorite Battlestar Galactica (which I think is only so-so)! With enough interest, maybe a miniseries or something might be possible to continue beyond the movie…

Updated 7/16/05: Corrected typo.

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  1. Fox Cutter

    I’m excited about that as well. I don’t know if it will end up with more of the series being shot as I think Fox still owns the rights for new eppisods.

    On the other hand, if the TV show does REALLY well on Sci-fi (better the Farscape well) and the movie does well (It will, I’ve seen it already. High rock factor) we might see a new series, as well as more movies (the rumors say the deal was for 3).

  2. Sol Tigh

    Fox owns dink as far as new episodes are concerned. It all belings to NBC now (SciFi and Universal, the distributor of "Serenity", are both NBC owned).

    BTW… While Firefly is a damn good show, I discourage anyone who may not have already been seduced by Battlestar Galactica to avoid it on the word of a blogger who can’t even spell it.

    1. paulvick

      Thanks for the, uh, correction Tigh. And for the record… I’m not trying to dis BG. I think it’s a pretty good sci-fi show and I definitely watch it. However, I find some of the characters annoying on occasion and some of the episodes have dragged. And I suspect that although they like to remind us every episode that "…they have a plan," I’m not entirely convinced that the BG writers aren’t going down the same path as the Lost writers and making a lot of it up as they go along. Maybe season 2 will punch things up a bit, we’ll just have to see…

  3. Matthew

    fox didnt own the old episodes. It was one of the main dealbreakers that the producer/writer had in his agreement. He will own 100% of the rights.

  4. SciFi Fan

    Tigh, I don’t understand what your spelling problems has to do with a damn good show. I’m really puzzled or is it just the stupid voice I hear in my head.?

  5. Cutter2010

    This is such a great series. I loved every one of the shows. i will of course be there to see the movie and pray to the gods of syndication a(and fox), please renew!!!!!!!!

  6. Bakamoichigei

    I have only recently found firefly thanks to Sci-Fi and a nice article on Serenity via the guys. Now I own the dvd set and feel a palpable need in my bones for more. All I can say is make some noise and it may be heard. Network execs don’t care about us but they DO care about the money enough people could generate in ratings thanks to advertisers. So if you need some hope and a reason to try here is a link to help.

  7. bakamoichigei

    Also I found some info on the rights to the show and who to make noise to on Here’s the quote from acrowley:

    Many people keep getting their facts mixed with rumors mixed with hearsay. The hope is for a trilogy, which will depend almost entirely on how well Serenity does; that’s not a deal, it’s an option at best. Universal purchased the film production rights to Firefly, but 20th Century Fox still holds the television production rights, as has been accurately stated before.

    According to an interview on Zap2It, Joss said: "My relationship with the network is not so great, but my deal is with television production, and we’ve had a good relationship for years." There were some other interviews with Joss where he elaborates, which I can’t find at the moment, but this just means that as long as Fox’s rights are enforceable (not expired), Joss cannot bring Firefly (among other things) back to television production without Fox’s consent. (Which leads to the dissolution of Mutant Enemy, triggering mass speculation on strategy and possible legal loop-holes.)

    That fact, combined with the hope for a trilogy, lead people to guess that it would take about 10 years to make 3 full movies, which translates to them as Fox’s rights expire in 10 years’ time. Again, these are just fan guesses based on things they’ve heard and read from cast members’ vague statements and other, far less reliable places. To the best of my recollection, I have never heard that 10 year guesstimate to be confirmed by Joss, Buchanan or anyone else possessing intimate knowledge of the contracts.

    I’m just pointing this out because I think 10 is not the magic number here. You’re absolutely right, though, about contracts always being renegotiable.

  8. Proteus

    Firefly was by far the best series ever. Both complex and simple in plot and execution. With Malcom as the ur-hero and an assortmant a crew to die for, the cancellation was a rather disturbing head scratcher. Then again if you looked at the fat, plumbers crack letharios who pass as producers and executives these days the light actually begins to dawn: They aint us, and we aint them. Long Live Firefly!

  9. alaron

    Ihope all of ayou are right I have just started watching(well sinbce it has been on SciFi), but I hope tha tthere are new episodes planed.

  10. Robin Chapman

    Hi i Loved the Series havent seen the film (i really wanna lo) if they dont make a knew series i will b annoyed lol but it is true

  11. Darryl

    I live in Australia and have just completed watching the full season of firefly (moments ago) and cannot agree more with the level of hype and love that Americans have for this show… firefly is amazing. For Fox not to make future seasons of this show seems absolutely absurd and as they are basically pissing away guaranteed money that would be made from future seasons. Come on Fox, get your act together, give the green light, make some more shows, make some money and please give the people back their firefly.

  12. Rob

    I am also from australia, and we just finished watching the dvd set that i bought on the uring of a friend, and everyone who lives here even my sister who is not a sci-fi fan(she hates it) loved the series. We are going to go and by the dvd as soon as it comes out here, my sister is talking about buying the american copy!! Now thats just plain crazy i can’t belive those american idoit tv executives would shoot down such an obiously fruitful project. Is it an ego, thing! because that is the only conclusion i can come to. anyway enough said, i would easly pay $300 dollars(as some people did to watch the pre-release movie) for a new movie or series and i suspect many of my firends would as well.

  13. Lie

    Firefly is the best sci-fi series I have seen. I saw the movie first and thought Wow! Then someone told me there was a tv series!!! I half expected some crappy, low budget show but it was truly amazing. After some searching on the web I realised that there was only ONE series!!!! What the!!!!! How could this be?????????? Please make more series and movies, PLEASE.

  14. skender wolde-tsadik

    I saw serenity at the movies and i never knew it was a tv show. I loved the movie and for those who haven’t seen it see it. I just recently found out that it was a tv show. i loved the movie so i rushed to get the series dvd. I believe that scfi poorly advertised the show. I think if it was advertised more i’m pretty sure this would have been the next star trek. Mr. Joss Whedon please continue fighting to try and get firefly on air again because i’ll keep on fighting too

  15. PoNoTHeRiDDLeR

    i agree i thin fox have underestimated firefly’s sucess and have made a poor "business" decision by cancelling the fantastic T.V. series

    Bring back Firefly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.s i am willing to Fight for a new series too!!!

  16. jambro

    please bring back firefly. Just watched the series on DVD very good best scfi series in ages – the characters make it.

  17. Finucane

    Fox had to cancel Firefly, because it didn’t suck. Fox is really good at shooting themselves in the foot by canceling quality programing (Futurama, Family Guy) in favor of crap (flip the TV to Fox right now for a good example).

    Here’s hoping Serenity gets big numbers!!

    NBC could really use a good show.

  18. Chris

    Went to the premier of Serenity at Edinburgh before seeing any of the Firefly episodes. I was pleased to say it surpassed all my expectations. Just received the Firelfy series on DVD as a Xmas present and I would urge Fox to reconsider its decision to cancel such a briliiant series.

    Chris Geggie

  19. Jim

    I have followed Joss’ shows for a long time (both Buffy and Angel) and it kills me that both of those shows were an otherwise success. Logic would dictate then that the man has an ability to grasp an audience and keep them captivated the way he does. Firefly was one such show!

    So it frustrates me to no end that Fox cancelled it! I saw the movie when it first came out and just resently watched the whole series. I have also just spent a considerable amount of time looking on sights like these, to find out if their will be more to come. It doesn’t seem hopefull at the moment, but I will now not give up. I encourage everyone who reads these blogs to continue to write letters to Fox and Joss and who ever is involved to keep the firefly burning!

    Their is an old saying that the weight of the many out weigh the weight of the few. Well then lets get heavy!

  20. dr4go5

    bring this back!!!! I would pay at least 100-300$ a year to sustain a new series! It is sucha great show that all other tv is ruined for me now. I keep comparing with Firefly! Bring it back!!!!!

  21. Kerri

    I really would like to know what the goram company named fox was thinking when they cancelled Firefly.

    I mean the simpsons have been on for years and it’s been the same (Chinese curse – insert here) joke over and over and over where as firefly always had something new, something fresh, something INTERESTING!

    Been following Joss Whedon a long time (aliens – toy story so on) Loved Buffy and Angel (though Spike still reigns as Buffy’s boy)anyhoooo… his shows always have something special and aways recieve a great fan following … it just seems that as soon as the big wigs stick their noses in bad things happen… what is going on?? They cancel the good shows (futurama, family guy, firefly and many others) and keep the old ones that "jumped the shark" years ago…(simpsons)

    oh and what idiot thought it would be a good idea to air the First episode (serenity) on later ?

    when "Firefly" came out I didn’t even know about it… there’s a great network they never advertised their own show! they wanted it to fail… sorry went on a rant… but i guess this is the best place to do so …

    Set Firefly FREE! (but not on fox)

  22. Great-great Granddaugther of sit

    Remmber they never had a chance . But the little Big Horn show them. Moast people see that day how bad the red man was to the white man. Maybe it was or Serenity. I hope you will not let this be your Little Big Horn. Donna Garrett Hanceville Alabama 15721 Al Hwy 35077

  23. john fahey

    who do i have to kill to get this show back on the air,, point them out,,,, it shall be done,, i mean that awful show get a life got a longer run,,, i ‘ve gone on in my head, trying to figure out why fox commited such a crime… no answer…no answer,,,, so my question,,,, who do i have to kill?

  24. Don

    Firefly is the shit. A little cheesy, a little campy, but thats all in good fun. This show rocks and Fox is stupid if they don’t either start making more episodes, or release the rights so another station can.

    Set free Firefly so she may float like a leaf in the wind.

  25. John

    I just watched the movie and have now watched the series, this is the best sci fi series for years and if they dont remake it then they are not only idiots but flushing money down the drain!!

  26. Aoife

    I’ve just watched serenity and I loved it. I haven’t seen firefly, but im goin gto order it on amazon a.s.a.p! It sounds like it’s going to be just as good, or better than the movie, so i’m excited!

    Just a thought though… If Fox aren’t letting go of the rights to Firefly, to some other network, doesn’t it kind of sound like they might still be considering a new series?

  27. Bring back FIREFLY!!!!

    Firefly is by far one of the best and most original sci-fi series that I have ever seen. I absolutely fell in love with all the characters and was saddened by the loss of the pilot and shepard in Serenity. Whoever wrote that show is an artist as well as a genius!

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  29. Chris

    same thing happened with the american series Freaks and Geeks set in the early 80’s , anyone whos not seen it go buy it!…if you can.

    They were never going to release it on DVD, but finally said if you get x amount of people to sign an online petition then we’ll release the series on DVD. And lo and behold they did!

    Thats what someone needs to organise, an online petition, then submit the numbers to FOX execs and get another series made.

    Might work might not….but worth a bloody good try.

  30. Martin

    I just stopped watching Firefly and i am really sad that there are not more episodes….

    i am living in germany, Berlin and even here Firefly is known, actually it just starts to become popular although it was never broadcasted on TV…but when i was in my local DVD store i was talking about it with a few guys there and they all had watched the episodes on DVD and loved it!

    Firefly is one of the cult classics and with the right marketing it could have been a huge success…

    its a pity that it was cancelled so quickly..a great loss…


  31. Erica

    I just watched the series and the movie on DVD and it pisses me off that they canceled it. I just started getting into it and came to find out that it has come to an end. Joss and Tim did a great job likein Buffy and Angel. The day that they canceled or ended it was mest up.InAngel they ended with him and a few of his pale fighting a Apocolypse and in Buffy they left them by a road standing there with Sunny Dale destoyed. And now they yet again destroying and ending a great show Fire Fly (Serenity). Killing off the sheperd and Chloe’s husband was also a sad ending.But now I just got into another great show and everytime it ends .

  32. Matt Robinson

    I’d have to agree with everything written here; the character development, acting, dialogue and plausibility of Firefly are all absolutely top notch. As a Brit who is a massive fan of both this series and Futurama (also killed off way too early), I would happily support a campaign to get more TV series made.

    I would, of course, insist on the same actors being called back for the new episodes; especially the women!

  33. Ciaran

    I too just purchased Firefly DVD after watching a film Serenity that was recommended to me by some mates.

    I must admit this is one of the best series I’ve seen todate. It’s up there with the Best of Sci-Fi, Star Trek (The Next Generation) for having good story lines and interesting Character plots. Can’t understand why it never took off ? I think they could have got about 3-4 good series out of Firefly. I don’t think that Serenity would have been made but if Firefly was a success. And now I would have to assume they might make the series that Joss wanted in the first place. Serenity could end up being the Pilot to get Firefly back on the air.

  34. Mike

    Just bought Firefly and Serenity–they are fantastic. I’m saddened that no more episodes were made and have started to do all I can to get them back on air. I’ve never done this before, but this show is actually worth it.

  35. Rick

    I purchased the Firefly box set about a week ago; I’ve been watching it over and over since then! Everyone at home thinks I’m going crazy!!

    What the hell is wrong with FOX??!! I hope they’re reading this!!! you’re lucky I’m a few thousand miles away in Australia!! ‘cos if I was there, I’d kick your a**es!!!

  36. Wolfie

    Have to agree with you folks. I just discovered this series a few weeks ago and have watched every episode twice now. Its awesome. Pray to whatever diety you worship for its return!

  37. Nephilim70

    As a long time Harry Harrison, Douglas Adams-Trekkie-Dr Who devotee, I thought I knew it all about SCIENCE FICTION tv series.

    When my local librarian showed me FIREFLY recently on the shelves of my local (up to date) library ….OMG!!!! Where has this been>?

    What game are FOX playing?

    This has the potential to out-gross the Star wars line at least five fold in fan base and earnings.

    The cinematography (deliberate out-of focus and pan+zoon camera shots ) are simply brilliant, and a refreshing change for this day and age in sci-fi action adventure/westerns. This makes Star Trek look lame. It would be totally criminal if it were not expanded upon where it left off…..

    So many subtext and subplots left hanging after the 13th episode.

    It makes me starve for more !!!!! The scripting was rarely contrived and the puns a plenty, laced with dashes of dark humour and some very very funny lines, every episode had a few gaurantees:

    * Someone got either shot stabbed or injured and required the poor doctor…

    * A "New age" word was introduced into the future bastardised language like "gorram"

    * A twist that no-one would expect

    * Romantic tension between the most likely and unlikely couples

    * And always there were script lines and moments that would leave me in stitches, so my neighbours thought i was on the happy sauce….

    The casting was simply superb. Sets and CGi often breathtaking…..

    Watching the "Making of", and reading about it on the net simply is not enough "CLOSURE" for me.


    Dammit . I want to know what happens? Dont they know this is cruel to leave their audience so "suddenly" like this? If every fan of Firefly donated a Dollar……. The fan base alone could get it going again… I’d buy that for a dollar !!!

  38. sgtcrusher

    I just rented the series 1 boxed set (rented from my local video shop here in Australia) and watched the whole series over the weekend. I cannot believe it was ever cancelled.


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