Firefly: New lease on life?

Almost exactly a year ago, I mourned the loss of Firefly, a great sci-fi show that died way before it’s time. When I saw news that the Sci-Fi Network was going to pick up Firefly, I momentarily hoped that they were going to produce all-new episodes, but they’re just going to rerun the existing episodes (plus the three episodes that never aired but were on the DVDs). Although I doubt Firefly will ever return as a regular series, I’d encourage everyone to check out the show and the upcoming movie – it’s much better than the current sci-fi favorite Battlestar Galactica (which I think is only so-so)! With enough interest, maybe a miniseries or something might be possible to continue beyond the movie…

Updated 7/16/05: Corrected typo.

71 thoughts on “Firefly: New lease on life?

  1. SCI FI fan

    I dont watch much TV but will say that firefly is one of the best series (and film) ive ever seen and i also cant believe they have taken this brilliant, funny and well produced show off the air, thats 2 shows ive watched and really enjoyed the other being SG1 which is also being taken off the air 🙁 pls pls pls give us season 2 :p not that us in the UK will get it anytime soon but even the thought of firefly still in the sky will be enough for me until we get it ofc. now to watch season 1 again lol.

    all the best and fly safe.

  2. Wysiwyg01

    The amount of people (my friends) who have commented on the TV network cancelling the show, must now be killing themselves for doing so (or taking some form of anti-despresant) to take away the PAIN of all that lost revenue.

  3. SCI Fi Fan

    Just another sign that studio exec’s don’t know a good thing when they see it. If this show had premiered on the SCIFI network instead of Fox it would probably still be on the air.

  4. Angry, frustrated fan

    its simple people, we shouldnt even be discussing this. We should be discussing season 2 or even 3 right now.

    Can anyone remember a show that was so good being cancelled so fast?

    And then after all that, Joss makes an absolute killer movie and still nothing!

    bah! screw fox, this is all George Bush’s fault.

    P.S – loving the aussie contingent here. Im also a skip who found the series through a friend and loving every second of it over and over…

  5. Sam

    Hello all,

    I’m from Australia too, and I have to say: this is the best series I have ever had the pleasure of watching! Me and my wife just love this show! In fact, I was told about Firefly from a heap of my friends and they all love it too.

    Stupid Fox. Stupid stupid Fox. Idiots.

    Seriously, I want to see the next season of Firefly. Can’t wait.

  6. James

    Man, it’s a shame that such a good series had to come to an end, and only halfway through at that. But with so many fans you would think that fox or whoever owns the rights to the show would be complete idiots to stop such a successful series. I think someone up top must be pulling the strings because something fishy is going on.

  7. Tom

    I want more series i collect lots of different series of shows (red dwarf, futurama ECT) but firefly left me hanging with no where to turn.

    This show was cut down in its prime, i dont just want a second series i want a 4th and 5th series.

  8. daroon

    Ok, so how many fans are there out there in the ‘verse and how much platinum would each one have to pony up to get a new movie off the ground. I’m ready with the goram cash.

  9. The Olster

    RUPERT MURDOCH please listen good. If you don’t pull your finger out, and override whatever stupid reason has been used to discontinue the Firefly series you will go down in history as the biggest loser of all time! The young fans of today are the older fans of tomorrow, and FOX WILL LOSE OUT IN THE END. (From a fellow Aussie. )

  10. Madwack

    One word FIREFLY

    my mistake was not watching…ooo wait i didnt even know it existed…DOH FOX u pulled a HOMER

    The last time i dug a series like this was SG-1 and i got hooked on season 5..watched 4 season in one summer

    3 words

    DO IT NOW!!!


  11. fog

    firefly was the best sci fi series of all time. tell joss whedon i’ll give him £100. if we all do that then we’re on the way to a new series!

  12. lemibu

    I love this show!!! Got hooked only just recently and feel robbed that it only lasted on season. Was a big fan of Buffy too. I heard that Joss, the director, thought Battlestar Galactica was the best series on tv, so I’ve downloaded some of the first season. I’ve watched 4 episodes… does it get better? I have to force myself to watch it. It’s nothing like Whedon’s style. I cant stand most of the charactors. I’ll give it another chance, but I’m really just killing time till theres more FF.

  13. Alex

    I just finished watching the series and the movie SERENITY for the FIRST TIME( having been given the series as a gift)…I was totally impressed and am lamenting the fact that it’s been years since this great show ended so prematurely. If you need an extra vote for the show’s renewal, count me in!

  14. BrownCoatJim

    Ya’ll do know that Fox has the rights to the TV show until 2010 or 2011 right? That means no new productions. However, the righters and the man who played Wash have been approached with an idea for a new movie. "But Wash is dead!" to which they replied "that’s the beauty of flashbacks". I think that currently they are working on that movie to tide people over until the series can start again once the rights are up for grabs.

  15. Ads

    Just bring it back!

    Why is the best of TV axed for in the first place? Can the marketing people see this? They would make money, what the hell is wrong with these people? Aren’t they after making money? Keep us entertained, bring back a wonderful SciFi series!


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