Language Specification 8.0 (Beta2) now available…

It’s a little later than planned, but we’ve now got the 8.0 VB language specification posted up for downloading. It covers all the new language features in VB 2005 and should be completely current with Beta2. Please let me know of any errors or corrections – it is a beta document, so it’s not going to be perfect.

In case anyone is wondering about 8.0 vs. 2005, the language itself is referred to by a version number, but the product has a year. So:

  • VB 2002 product contains Visual Basic 7.0 language
  • VB 2003 product contains Visual Basic 7.1 language
  • VB 2005 product contains Visual Basic 8.0 language


7 thoughts on “Language Specification 8.0 (Beta2) now available…

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  3. Simon Geering


    Any news on a updated version of your Visual Basic Programming Language book for vb 2.0? The current version is a regular reference book on my desk that it would be hard to find a replacement for!

  4. Karl E. Peterson

    Still waiting for the Language Stability Whitepaper you promised oh so many years ago… Or is the plan now to just roll out a new <spit>Language Spec</spit> every few years? Seems like a colossal waste of bits, given the historical pattern in play…

  5. paulvick

    Simon: No news yet, although it’s still under discussion!

    Karl: As I’ve said in private, the discussion of compatibility in the language specification takes the place of a whitepaper.

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