Guerilla TechEd 2005 Cabana session?

We’re now about three weeks away from TechEd 2005, and I’m starting to get a flurry of internal emails about preparations, sessions, etc. Like last year, I’m not scheduled to give any talks or anything, so I’ll mostly be hanging out at the Visual Basic 2005 booth and at the developer cabana. I know they’re scheduling cabana talks for various presenters, but I thought I’d check and see if there was any interest in any guerilla cabana sessions on topics related to the VB language. As we get closer to the actual event I’ll put up more details on where and when I’ll be hanging out, but if there are any language topics you’d like to hear more about just post some comments or drop me a line. (Maybe I’ll even find some time to talk in a vague and hazy way about some of the stuff we’re thinking about for the future. No promises though…)

5 thoughts on “Guerilla TechEd 2005 Cabana session?

  1. karl

    Perhaps I’m just out of touch w/, but I have no idea where the language is going. Is it planning to help Mort out more than it currently does (and should). Is it planning to stay 100% competitive with C# (and should). How will the two be balanced? All this is very relavant to whidbey and decisions made and dicussed in detail on your blog.

    I’ve always thought was in a very difficult spot, and knowing how you plan to raise to the challenge would be great!

    seeya there.

  2. Doug

    Yes, I am definitely interested in VB .NET cabana sessions.

    There are several examples that immediately come to mind where I feel VB .NET is being left behind. While I am glad to see that there will be refactoring support available from a third party add-in, it just shows that Microsoft’s preferred language is C#. This is apparent when it comes to looking at the more advanced tools, features or sample code – you’re going to see it first in C#.

    1. paulvick

      At the TechEd2005 conference they’ll have "cabanas," which are just places that you can go, sit and hang out. The cabanas are organized into groupings and one of them is the "developer cabana," which is for developer tools. People from the product groups will be hanging out at the cabanas, so it’s a great place to have informal interactions with product team members. There will also be presentations at the cabanas which are more informal than full talks. I was suggesting that if there are any particular talks that people wanted to have, we could have a "guerilla" cabana talk that was officially unscheduled but which would be scheduled here.


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