Server Intellect rocks!

I don’t think I’ve said this before, so let me say it now: Server Intellect, the company who hosts my blog, is a great web hosting company! A while back when I decided to stop hosting my own blog, I moved everything over to them on the recommendation of a co-worker and it’s been a real pleasure ever since then. Last week there were some problems with my site (not of their doing) and they proactively noted the problems, took some steps to fix them and then dropped me a very nice note letting me know they’d taken care of it. Great customer service all around…

If you’re looking for a .NET enabled web host (or just a regular web host), I highly recommend them!

7 thoughts on “Server Intellect rocks!

  1. Craig Vitter

    Absolutely, I just moved my site to Server Intellect over the weekend and their setup and control panel are among the best I have had the pleasure to work with. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to setup my site, create a SQLServer instance and get my applications running.

  2. YL

    Server Intellect does not have true 24/7 support. I setup my server over two weeks a go and have still not recieved resolutions to common, easy-to-fix problems. I will not be renewing my subscription!

  3. SA

    We concur — Server Intellect hosts our site, and it was entirely smooth sailing from the time we began with them. Any time there is an issue, which is rare, the staff is very proactive and knowledgeable about fixing whatever it is, in record time. We never even notice if there is any downtime. Highly recommend them – for any type of hosting you may need.

  4. Dave Jetta

    I just love them!!!! 3 servers so far with them! They give me that hold my hand support I needed in the beginning=)


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