Way, Cyrus.

Yes, it’s going to suck. So will this one. It’s just a law of nature: Alan Moore doesn’t translate. This one was OK but didn’t get close to the original material. This one sounded so bad that I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it.

Am I missing any? Instead, go buy the books:


No, really, do it. Now. Probably Watchmen is most accessible, but my personal all-time favorite is V for Vendetta. (I’ll tell you a story about that one in a moment.) From Hell is pretty dense reading and is probably left to the end. The League is great fun, especially if you like authors like H.G. Wells, Robert Louis Stephenson, Jules Verne, etc.

Also, I suggest that you go buy all the Swamp Thing, Miracleman, Promethea, Top Ten, Tom Strong, etc. books that you can find. You might also really like his short subject books on DC heroes. It’s some of his finest work.

Gosh, do I sound like a fanboy?

(To the degree that I allow myself to hope, I have greater hope for V. Watchmen was a tour-de-force, but V for Vendetta was more emotionally affecting – I thought that Valerie’s letter, in particular, was incredibly powerful. Funny story: I was originally introduced to Alan Moore by the owner of a bookstore that my brother used to buy comics from. One day he said “Oh, yeah, I’ve got this magazine from Britain that’s got some new Alan Moore stuff you might like.” The magazine was called Warrior and it serialized Miracleman (called Marvelman in England before Marvel’s lawyers got to it) and V for Vendetta. I was way deep into V for Vendetta and had just gotten to the cliffhanger at the end of Act II (“Welcome home, Evey.”) when Warrior went under and stopped publishing! I had to wait something like a year and a half for DC to buy the rights to the series and start republishing it. Needless to say, I was very excited when the DC reprints finally caught up to the original story and I could find out what the hell happened.)

5 thoughts on “Way, Cyrus.

  1. skicow

    I agree, hate to be a pessimist but the Watchman movie will suck 🙁 But I will still go see it. From Hell was not bad – but like you said, the book was 100x better. From Hell is my personal fave Moore book….and how about Constantine? lol! What a piece of garbage that movie was.

    How about Sin City? You going to see that? The trailers look VERY promising…I enjoy Frank more than Alan, but they are both two of the best comic book writers of our (all?) time.

  2. TaQ

    Yes, Constantine is a good Hollywood movie, you can have fan if you’re not really a John’s fan, but as I’m, I was really pissed off.

    Sin City looks very promising, yes! I hope that if it keep all the comic atmosphere, it could be followed by the other movies.

    Btw, I think that X-Men and Spiderman did a good job about this.

    Check other movies like the Punisher, that changed a lot the way it is on the comics and were a disappointment for the fans and for the producers. Now we need to wait to check if the the V and Watchmen producers thing this way. V needs to be a masterpiece.

  3. paulvick

    Yeah, I do want to check out the Constantine movie, although I don’t have high hopes… Sin City also looks very interesting. I’ve never been a huge Frank Miller fan, but you never know!

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