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So every time someone whose blog I read would get Slashdotted, I would wonder to myself, “I wonder if this will ever happen to me?” And then I would start speculating, “Hmmm… If so, I wonder what kind of thing I’d have to do to get myself Slashdotted…” Well, now I know: have Microsoft submit a patent for the IsNot operator, listing me as the principal inventor. Wonderful. Glad to see it’s over something that I can be really, really proud of…

(It’s not a full Slashdotting I suspect, because the blog is only mentioned in the comments, not the main entry, but even a tertiary flood is interesting…)

Updated: Corrected the misuse of “principle” when I meant “principal.”


10 thoughts on “Welcome Slashdot…

  1. Edward

    < ![CDATA[Well you might be reviled by the entire computing community, but at least you get a fancy black cube to play with on your desk. Did you really think this was a significant innovation not obvious on one skilled in the art? Will Microsoft freely license this wonderous invention to Mono and Portable .Net so they can create a compiler compatible with VB.Net 2005?

  2. spelling nazi

    Did you mean "the principle inventor", as in you are the idea inventor? Or "the principal invector", as in the main inventor? Doesn’t look like either. 🙂

  3. concerned citizen

    If you’re going to work for a convicted monopolist and help tighten its anticompetitive grip on the industry by abusing the patent system, you deserve all the attention you’re getting. Apparently your job security and large paycheck make up for the fact that you’re contributing to the strangulation of research and advancement in the field of information technology.

  4. odysseus

    < ![CDATA[I guess you can't say much more, but can we take it from the tone of your "something I can be really, really proud of" that you're not exactly sipping of the patent kool-aid? Was it your choice to submit this, was it "suggested" that you do so, or was it done for you ("Microsoft submitted")? John.]]>

  5. Mike Dimmick

    < ![CDATA[Well, IBM just patented rejitting methods based on profiles gathered during execution (US Patent #6,820,258) which they'll now claim that IA32EL on Itanium infringes, so Microsoft has to have something to trade with them... I have no idea whether .NET 2.0 performs profile-guided recompilation - the 1.x versions AFAIK did not. I was disappointed when I saw Paul and Amanda Silver’s names attached to that patent, but I believe the US rules are that a corporation cannot apply for a patent in its own name, the patent must be applied for in the names of individuals who assign the patent back to their employer.]]>

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