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So every time someone whose blog I read would get Slashdotted, I would wonder to myself, “I wonder if this will ever happen to me?” And then I would start speculating, “Hmmm… If so, I wonder what kind of thing I’d have to do to get myself Slashdotted…” Well, now I know: have Microsoft submit a patent for the IsNot operator, listing me as the principal inventor. Wonderful. Glad to see it’s over something that I can be really, really proud of…

(It’s not a full Slashdotting I suspect, because the blog is only mentioned in the comments, not the main entry, but even a tertiary flood is interesting…)

Updated: Corrected the misuse of “principle” when I meant “principal.”


10 thoughts on “Welcome Slashdot…

  1. spelling nazi

    Did you mean "the principle inventor", as in you are the idea inventor? Or "the principal invector", as in the main inventor? Doesn’t look like either. 🙂

  2. concerned citizen

    If you’re going to work for a convicted monopolist and help tighten its anticompetitive grip on the industry by abusing the patent system, you deserve all the attention you’re getting. Apparently your job security and large paycheck make up for the fact that you’re contributing to the strangulation of research and advancement in the field of information technology.

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