VB Parser Beta 2 released.

I’ve updated the GotDotNet workspaces for VBParser [07/12/2014: The sources are now on GitHub.] with what I’m calling “Beta 2” of the parser source. This fixes all the reported bugs as well as includes a small “conformance” application that I wrote to test the parser and allow some ad hoc testing. Probably the biggest change in this release was changing the way comments were parsed to make them actually work (I hope). I’m still trying to find some time to write an interesting sample using the parser… (And, of course, I need to start updating it for VB2005…)

Let me just add something that many people seem to already know: GotDotNet workspaces are, uh, not that wonderful. I’ve had a lot of trouble with it, so I’m considering alternatives. Given that the model so far has been people report bugs and I fix them, I may just go to distributing the sources and binaries as zip files on my website. Anyone care?

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