Be careful what you wish for…

So we’d been bugging Scoble for a while about getting more VB interviews (besides Robert Green’s appearances) up on Channel 9 and about a month ago, he took me up on my offer to interview about VB. He stopped by with his camera and we did our little bit and then he left. Then yesterday I get an email with a bunch of pointers to videos of our interview for me to review and make sure I didn’t say something horribly stupid or anything.

Ug, be careful what you wish for. The experience of watching myself on video is just torture – do I really look like that? I mean, I’m sure it’s fine – my wife and friends seem to think I look and sound OK – but geez. I’ve finally taken to just listening to the audio instead of watching myself and that seems to be better (although still a bit difficult).

Am I just being neurotic? Or does everyone hate to watch themselves on camera? (I guess not everyone, judging by reality shows.)

7 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for…

  1. LTO

    the more exposure you get the more oblivious you are to seeing yourself.

    it used to bother to see myself in commercials, but anymore i dont pay attention.


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