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  1. Simon Geering

    What madness that is, I don’t think vb developers are mission out on much from not having increment and decrement operators, other than the migraines every now an then 🙂

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  3. Michael Russell

    My biggest problem with these oh-so-wonderful operators is the undefined order of side-effects.

    About four years ago, I was working as a test lead on a game, and we were trying to upgrade from Visual C++ 4.2 to Visual C++ 6.0 so we could use the newest DirectX libraries to help us out with a bug. The project was over 320KLOC, and large portions had been written by developers that were no longer around.

    Once the project had been upgraded, we did a build and began testing, and found that the entire graphics engine was no longer working correctly. After tracing into the code, we found wonderful gems similar to this:

    m_i++ = o->f(++m_i, ++m_i);

    In VC4.2, that would compile out one way. In VC6, it would compile another way. We ended up staying in VC4.2 so that we could actually ship.


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