We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by…

As I’ve said before, I host my own website which means that I’m responsible for my own DNS resolution. For a long time, I used the free service provided by Granite Canyon as a secondary DNS server, however that service started becoming more and more unreliable this year and appears to be largely dead. Searching for another source of secondary DNS hosting, I hit upon secondary.org, which seemed like a good place to get some free backup DNS hosting. Big mistake.

Sometime over the weekend, it appears that secondary.org has been taken over by someone who’s started redirecting all DNS requests to some random website. Depending on which DNS server your machine chooses when resolving panopticoncentral.net, you’ll either get my website or not. Last night I moved all my DNS hosting over to Network Solutions which at some point started offering free DNS hosting to people who register with them (all the better to sell their web and mail hosting). As that change propagates itself throughout the DNS system of the Internet, the connection to this server should become reliable again. I apologize to everyone who’s been redirected against their will…

5 thoughts on “We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by…

  1. Greg Bair

    If you need it again in the future, I’d recommend zoneedit (http://www.zoneedit.com). It’s free, as well, and I haven’t had a problem with them yet. I use it for the same reason you do, and also I use it to park some domains that I don’t have hosting for yet.

  2. paulvick

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! As it turns out, Network Solutions seems to be doing a good job so far, so I’ll stick with them until they screw up!


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