4 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall recieve generics…

  1. Fan

    I found that VB doesn’t support value type or reference type constraints as C#. Generic type created in C# with value type constraint will work in VB, but it’s no way to create a generic type with value type constraints in VB. Furthermore, reference type constraint doesn’t work in VB at all. I think it’s a little problem to be solved.

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  3. Andrey Shchekin

    A great article, thanks for the link.

    Actually, I have written an article in Russian on some of the new features in VB 2005 (Generics, Operator Overloading, Using block, Unsigned Types and IsNot/TryCast/Continue). So Russian programmers will know of generics in VB just-in-time 😉

    But this article helped me to understand last point I was interested in – the New constraints.


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